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The Great Debate

I came across an interesting article questioning the artistic integrity of modern day photography in the dawn of the photoshop age. I think that in the age of technological development, the photographic medium is expanding exponentially and in turn it presents a myriad number of creative opportunities for all artists. Art has always been discretionary and raw. Digitally rendered photographs represent a newly developed art form. I don’t think that photography is a dying medium at all, as there will forever be artists willing to present the world as it has been captured in still form. Digitally rendered photographs can be simple, or complex and intricate akin to their traditional photographic medium. Photography can be raw, yes. But it is also about how we choose to portray the world. It is our vision, and our art. What are your thoughts?

By the way, who is to say that still life photography can’t be complex and intricate?

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