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Wreck Diving in Mozambique

“Seen from the sea, or a bird´s eye view….the island is a unique woman, lying sensuously in a state of abandon, in a sea of colours, sun-worshipping on the beach, with a plaything at its feet.”          Luis de Camões (Portuguese poet, 16th century)

The purpose of my trip was to document the “Ilha de Mozambique” and get an insight into the exciting work done by Arqueonautas,, a Portuguese underwater archeology company. Diving down to the remains of the 17th century Portuguese trading vessel Santa Theresa was a very special experience. Although only a few wooden ribs and some canons hidden under corals are still visible, the mind extrapolates automatically to the adventures and endurances that confronted sailors at the time. I felt a deep respect and reverence for the people which made me breathe more heavily (in combination with the strong current and wave activity above).


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